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English Artist: Penelope Carwardine



Portrait miniature by Penelope Carwardine, depicting George Anson Nutt at about eight years of age

George Anson Nutt (1750-1828)
at about Eight Years of Age

circa 1758
by Penelope Carwardine (1730-1801)

1 1/8 x 1 1/4 inches (sight)

watercolor on ivory; housed in a gilt metal pendant frame
engraved to the reverse, "George Anson Nutt / became Captain / 33rd Regt"

At some point in the 2 1/2 centuries since this miniature was painted, it has suffered slight abrasion in the area of the subject's face. It remains, nonetheless, a superb example of Penelope Carwardine's work.


This portrait miniature was purchased for the collection alongside the miniatures of both George's eventual daughter, Mary Nutt, and his second wife, Mary Tymewell Blake. (See photos below.) Mary Nutt was the second of four children born to Capt. Nutt and his first wife, Mary Smith, who died in 1791. Mary Tymewell Blake was the second wife of Capt. George Anson Nutt (married on September 27, 1792).


About the Artist: Penelope Carwardine took up miniature painting at a young age to provide for herself following her father's financial ruin. Well established by the age of 24 (1754). In 1772, at the age of 42, she married a Mr. Butler, after which she ceased to paint professionally. Typically signed her portraits with the initials, "P C". Listed by Benezit, Blättel (pages 206, 207), Foskett (page 507) and Schidlof (page 132).


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Portrait miniature by George Engleheart depicting Mary Tymewell Blake (1757-1841) who later became Mrs. George Anson Nutt

Miss Mary Tymewell Blake (1757-1841)
Who Later Became Mrs. George Anson Nutt


Portrait miniature by Richard Crosse, depicting Mary Nutt (1785-1810), daughter of Capt. George Anson Nutt and step daughter of Mary Tymewell Blake Nutt

Mary Nutt (1785-1810), Daughter of Capt. George Anson Nutt
and Step Daughter of Mary Tymewell Blake Nutt





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